Solar GmbH

 Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 94
 D-46485 Wesel
 Tel. +49 (0)281 20618290
 Fax +49(0)281 206182999

We collect energy from the sky for you!

Dahlmann Solar is your reliable and competent partner for renewable energies with special emphasis on photovoltaics. We have proved our competence in several hundred customer projects thus far.

With an annual sales volume of 30 MWp for 2010 we are also one of the most important wholesalers in North Rhine-Westphalia. We share our know-how and practical experience as a distributor of leading manufacturers with our business partners and installers.

Renewable energies are modern, cost-efficient, environmentally-friendly and significantly contribute to a global trend reversal in energy politics. This is our conviction, which we represent not only in Germany, but also increasingly in other European countries.

   We collect energy from the sky for you!